My "Subconscious" series, started in 2015, is a journey through dream theories and meditative explorations. From stark minimalism to intricate surrealism, the artworks are a canvas for my emotions, inspired by the dream allegories of ancient philosopher Chuang-Tzu. Central to the series is “Dreamer,” which embodies the soul's transformative journey in a dream. Each brushstroke and form hints at my meditative rhythm, a dance between my conscious and subconscious mind.

I had imagined this series as a mosaic of varied images, but a recurring pattern emerged, defying my expectations and challenging the norms I learned during my BFA studies. To me, this series isn’t just art—it’s an alternate reality, where the brush captures fleeting emotions and moments. It's a reflection of the dichotomy of routine and transformation, as I navigate my artistic evolution.