Push Paintings


In the ever-evolving world of art, sometimes you need a breather—a pause, a reset button. For me, that was "Push Painting." Amid the intense connection and depth of my commissioned works, I stumbled upon this delightful distraction. It wasn't about profound statements or intricate details. I'd simply pour paint and let a sheet of plexiglass guide its flow, creating whimsical patterns. This series was like a joyous interlude, a moment of lightness between my more profound commitments.

But art has a funny way of surprising you. Drawing from the wisdom and words of past artists, my playful "Push Painting" took a deeper turn. Thus, "Messages in Paint" was born. Marrying the spontaneity of "Push Painting" with hand-penned messages, I started to blend expressive words with vibrant patterns. And to spread this newfound joy, I shared snippets on social media, hoping to sprinkle a little motivation and positivity in between the scroll.

In essence, my journey through "Push Painting" to "Messages in Paint" celebrates the balancing act of art: deep focus and pure fun, profound meaning and playful experimentation. It's a reminder that sometimes, amidst the intense depths, we need a splash of lightness, a moment to just let go and revel in the sheer joy of creation.