Netflix Bites

Netflix Bites in LA is where the magic of television meets the joy of dining. This unique restaurant, curated by Netflix, brings to life dishes inspired by iconic shows such as 'Nadiya Bakes', 'Iron Chef', 'Chef's Table', and 'Nailed It!'. But beyond the delectable menu, including the audacious pickle and potato chip pizza, lies a canvas of art.
I had the honor of crafting 11 hand-painted dinner plates, each meticulously designed on pre-finished, glazed porcelain. The challenge was real: using a singular brand of paint tailored for such a surface and employing a sponge-application technique to ensure precision. With designs provided by Good All Day Co., each plate was transformed from a simple white canvas with a bite mark into a masterpiece that encapsulates the spirit of its respective show.
Stepping out into the patio, visitors are greeted with a vibrant 103 sq ft mural – a pink canvas adorned with the bold red logos of these celebrated Netflix shows.
Come, indulge at Netflix Bites, and while savoring each dish, let the hand-painted tales around you enrich your dining experience.