Laguna Beach's Art-A-Fair

Laguna Beach's Art-A-Fair

When it comes to art in Laguna Beach, artists always hear about the different art festivals that can be enjoyed and participated in. One of these is the Art-A-Fair Festival, which is one of the oldest and best festivals for Laguna Beach art. A Laguna Beach artist gets the chance to showcase their art as this festival is always looking for new artists to showcase. This means people who want to know who is an upcoming artist needs to check out this festival.

This festival was created in 1967 during a time frame when many artists were finding it impossible to get their name out and get their work shown at the Festival of Arts. Several different artists were all banned together and decided to display their art all along the fences at Park Avenue and Glenneyre Street in Laguna Beach.

This eas such a huge hit in the Laguna Beach art scene that they decided to look for a large area to be able to host the same event on a much larger scale. That is how they came across a vacant lot that was located by the North Coast highway, and they quickly formed the Laguna Beach Fine Arts Association.

When the event first happened at the new location, the company was still very fresh and did not have a lot of resources at their disposal. The festival was first called "The Sawdust Festival" because their lack of resources led them to use sawdust to cover the ground. Now, this festival might have had a few good years at first, but there was eventually a difference in opinions that led to a split in the artists that participated. Half of the artists moved their display to a new area and kept the festival name while the rest stayed where they were.

These arts are the one who came up with the name, Art-A-Fair, and after a while of success, they moved to a new location right across from the Hotel Laguna. With the bigger size, the art in Laguna Beach scene was able to grow and allows more artists to join. This meant anyone who was a Laguna Beach artist without a place now had the chance to be shown.

That was not the forever home for this festival, and it moved several more times before finding its forever home on Laguna Canyon Road. This new location put them much closer to downtown and the district of festivals. Right now, the festival is known to host around 125 different artists with plans of always trying to show more. Many emerging artists are included in this list of members being shown, making this a hit with any new artist trying to find a way to get their name out to people and sell their art.

This is a fair that was created by artists and continues to be used by artists. That means they are always looking for volunteers to help them maintain and even grow this festival successfully.